The Vendors – How To Get Modafinil for Sale Online

Modafinil is a type of drug which has hit the medical community because of its capabilities to fight certain health issues. For instance, it is used to treat patients with sleep apnea or narcolepsy. In fact, if someone has sleep apnea, you can ask your doctor to prescribe it. If you so choose, you can ask your doctor for Modafinil if you feel it would help you with your sleepiness. If you try to get this online, you may need a prescription. Although do not trust every online pharmacy website.


Before you begin to search for a good online Modafinil seller, there are some things you may need to know before digging into the online pharmacies which claim they sell it. First of all, make sure you tell your doctor if you are allergic to any other drugs. If you take it and you find you have certain reactions such as itching, have trouble breathing, or begin to see rashes around your body, inform your doctor.

Other reactions which patients have claimed to discover when taking it is the development of swollen lips, tongue, coughing, wheezing …etc. As a result, you could be having an allergic reaction to it. Therefore, it’s recommended that you do not take Modafinil without consultation with your doctor too about it. Additionally, if you have heart issues such as valve problems or you take other medications, you can react to it negatively. (Note that this is not a vitamin or alternative drug for minerals either and is classified as a stimulant or eugeroic.)

Modafinil buying options

In general, there are 3 vendors to buy Modafinil from online. It’s a good thing that there are options. To begin, the first one is the, then,, and the third option is the is one of the first sellers of Modafinil to be reviewed since it was recommended by many who have tried the smart drug. This online vendor does ship in a neat professional, yet discreet package. It actually does it within a week and a half or less!

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The website suggests that it’s the smart drug of the 21st century (basically). also suggests that there are many products that sell but, most of all, this one is super-fast!

In general, the online pharmacy sells other products that are produced b y HAB Pharmaceuticals and Sun Pharmaceuticals besides this particular one like Artvigil, Modavigil, Waklert, and Modalert.

This is a great informative site because most other online pharmacies will not suggest other “similar” products because of the competiveness between them. This makes a much trusted website to order online pharmaceutical products more so. Therefore this one is impressive.

Another great element of buying Modafinil is the fact that it has 24/7, Western-style customer service reps online, all-day and all-night! This means that it also has a live-chat and an email support that responds quickly.

This Modafinil pharmacy online is one of the top-notch sites to buy the recommended drug of choice for chronic fatigue issues, narcolepsy, and other specific health issues related to sleep apnea. In fact, it’s considerably one of the best ones in so far comparably to other websites which sell Modafinil online.

PROS and CONS of

• Ships within a week and a half or less!
• Quick email service and response to customers’ inquiries.
• It’s an “Acer” when it comes to helping customers with needed pharmaceutical drugs for health issues besides the Modafinil.
• The prices are low and seem to know what they are offering because of their great deals they have for their customers who shop on their website.
• Happy representative make happy customers since they know they will go back to them when needing to reorder.
• Paying online with a credit card is the way to pay at; the online pharmacy also accepts Bitcoins.
• There is a 20% off discount when you buy with the Bitcoins.

• Payment methods are not great for all. Since they do accept credit cards and Bitcoins, this means only one thing. does not accept “debit cards,” so if you pay with PayPal or some other debit card, this will not be acceptable. (Other than this, it’s a great online pharmacy to buy Modafinil!)

Modafinil is considered a smart drug. There are claims from various sources which suggest it helps with those who have sleep disorders. It helps with those who have chronic fatigue and shift work changes as well. Actually it can disrupt the regular sleep routines for people.

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All in all, it does help people stay alert and enhances those who have constant fatigue. Other health issues Modafinil can help with is the attention span and memory recall. In fact, it is notably used by professionals and students alike because of all these factors.

With, you can purchase dosages between 150 mg. to 200 mg. for each pill.

PROS and CONS of

• Important to know it is a legit company to buy from!
• Free Samples and full refunds.
• They have excellent customer service.
• Their official website is easy to navigate with capabilities that make it easy to shop.
• Clicking on product starts the order process quickly.
• Ordering samples first is recommended if you decide you may want to try it first after you let your family doctor know your intentions.
• There is free express shipping and tracking. Offers international shipping to Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK.

• They only accept payments of VISA, MasterCard, and Bit-coins.
• Only sold in the United States and this is a big “no-no” for many who live, obviously, outside of America.

This online pharmacy, has received mixed reviews from various sources. Although you can get the smart drug, Modafinil, but the site claims to only manufacturer pharmaceutical drugs that are from India. In fact, there are other pharmacies online who claim that they can do the same but are selling other drugs in their online pharmacy that are manufactured world-wide!

This isn’t the case in When seeking for the smart drug, Modafinil on this particular online pharmacy, they suggest you pay only with credit cards or bit coins. Not a good thing for some people who do not deal with them. In general, when it comes to fast delivery service, there is a “100% refund” or a “reshipment” only if there is non-delivery of order.

With a statement like this, a person may not trust this site at all! In fact, this type of terminology on a website, especially an online pharmacy, is a negative connotation towards the online pharmacy community and patients alike. NOTE: Typos are not a good thing for any website that sells drugs with prescriptions (see shipping).

In addition to typos and terminology, the site claims they will have to “split the order” into more than one parcel. This is strange because you’ll have to accept the orders after orders, after orders, in order to get your “large order” completed. Therefore if you order a large hundred order, except little by little or a refund.

Obviously the site is a “bit coin-pusher” because it has a icon on the top of the site which states, “How to buy bit coins.” Naturally, it has nothing to do with online pharmacy drugs for patients or people who want to buy only online drugs with prescriptions (or without).

PROS and CONS of


• The good thing is that they sell Modafinil and other types of drugs that are comparably similar.
• The shipping is free.
• They use SSL for personal data safety.


• Shipments are in multitudes if it’s a large order, therefore you may have to accept one parcel at a time.
• Difficult to talk to someone via phone or email.
• Only advertising 200 mg.
• They only sell “brand” names manufactured from the same pharmaceutical companies but, only from India.


Finally, with the final verdict in place, I would honestly suggest to buy Modafinil from the online pharmacy. is the best option comparably to the other two Modafinil online dealers or pharmacies. The reason is the pros outweigh the cons for In fact, vendors such as and are two competitors on the market which will have more cons than pros. The other reasons mainly are because the customer service wasn’t that great and not knowing if you are going to get your entire order obviously is a “red flag” for the other two vendors. wins because of great customer service, ordering processes are fast, the site is professionally made with live-chat, 24/7 and comparably to the others it seems legit all together!